Custom Built Manx Sand Cars and Dual Sport Manx Sand Cars are built for the dunes, sand racing or street cruising!

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Dual Sport Manx Sandcar
Starting at $19,000
Pro Off Road Sandcar
Starting at $32,000
Pro Sand Sandcar
Starting at $50,000
Check out the new video updated Aug 12, 2011! Click here to watch
New fiberglass body that we showcased at the show! Click here to view it

Orange County SandCar is a complete one stop service and repair shop for all of the "toys" in your garage.  With 7 operational bays and a team of certified technicians, we offer Chassis to Turnkey cars, performance parts, suspensions, bumpers, roll cages, fabrication, full and partial builds, service and repairs on all off-road makes and models.   We also provide automotive repair and service for all domestic and import makes and models through RSM Automotive in our same location. 

Orange County SandCar are the leaders in custom built Mid-Travel, Dual Sport and Long Travel SandCars with turnkey cars starting at $19k.  We are conveniently located in South Orange County in a 4,000 square foot facility with 7 operational bays.  OCSC performs all custom builds, service, repairs, welding and custom fabrication onsite.  We offer turnkey and rolling kit packages at an affordable price. OCSC is a full service maintenance facility servicing all of the toys in your garage which includes all sandcar toys, ATV's, domestic and imports.  Our Dual Sport SandCar can be registered for the street and YES, they will fit in your trailer with extra room!  Front width: 74", Rear Width: 78", Overall length 153".

Dual Sport Sand Cars, or Tri-Sport as it is being touted now, is the core on which Orange County SandCar (OC SandCar) operates. No more, do you need to have a $40K plus toy sit in your garage or trailer and get used a few times a year. Our Sand Car offerings provide our customers with the unique opportunity to have and drive a quality built, multi-purpose and use Sand Car that can be driven year round. Whether mom and dad are dropping off the kids at school, much to the spectacle of being in such a cool Sand Car on the street, or pushing the limits of the Sand Car at the dunes or out at the desert. The ability to finance these Sand Cars is another example of our quest to exceed our customers expectations.

This industry was spawned by duners over many decades. As technology continues to be applied to this industry, the options for the customer will continue to both increase and improve, especially on the quality offering. Our manufacturing and assembling staff has over 33 years of combined experience at both Toyota and Lexus, where Quality is not just an offering, but a way of life. It is not simply applied to the process, it IS the process.

Visit our shop in Rancho Santa Margarita and see all 3 models on display.  


Services Available

  • Custom Sandcar Builds
  • Offroad and Sandcar Service and Repair (all makes and models) including:
    • Custom Fabrication - Aluminim and Steel Welding
    • Customer Bumper / Cages
    • Custom Suspension Systems
    • CV Service & Upgrades
    • Eletrical set-up, and troubleshooting
    • Engine Modifications / Preventative Maintenance
    • Oil & Filter Change
    • Lift Kits
    • Radiator, Brake & Clutch
    • Shocks - Revalve & Rebuild
    • Transmission Repair, Swaps and Upgrades
    • Vehicle Annual Maintenance and Tune Ups
Update 03/04/2008: Video from Glamis - click here to watch!
Update 01/14/2008: Video from Glamis - click here to watch.

Vendor for the "Dune Tour" presented by Sand Addiction Magazine
Orange County Sandcar particated in the "Dune Tour" presented by Sand Addiction Magazine's event in Glamis, CA. (click her for more info and pictures).  OCSC was sponsor for the Scavenger Hunt at Oldsmobile Hill and met up with a couple hundred Glamis enthusiasts.  (click here for more info and pictures)


Annual Christmas and New Years Glamis Trip with a few scheduled demo rides


Annual Thanksgiving Glamis Trip with a few scheduled demo rides


Participated in Sand Addiction Magazine's 2008 Sandcar Shootout
Orange County Sandcar was invited to participate in Sand Addiction Magazine's "2008 Sand Car Shoot-Out."  OCSC was one of 13 sand car and fabrication companies to participate in the sand car shootout.  OCSC was the only crossover, dual sport mid-travel car in the shootout and was the winner for "combining fun with function." (click here for more info and pictures)

09/19/08   2008 Sand Sports Super Show
Come by and see us at the 2008 Sand Sports Super Show at the OC Fairgrounds, Sept 19-20-21. We are located in Vendor Row next to Building 10. 
Orange County SandCar was interviewed recently by the OC Register. Click here to read the interview
08/10/08   Grand Opening! New OC Sandcar Headquarters
Orange County SandCar will be debut it's new office location in Rancho Santa Margarita this August! Free food, drinks and prizes. There will be sandcars, lifted trucks, and classic cars all on display. Come see what we are all about! Click here for directions or click here to view the press release.
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9–2006 Sand Sports Super Show

At the September 2006 Sand Sports Super Show, Orange County Sandcar showcased their mid-travel Dual Sport Manx.  It was the premier weekend to see the newest and hottest products for most of Southern California’s desert rats. Orange County Sandcar’s custom built Manx impressed the many visitors from kids to adults who have had more then a little sand between their teeth.  Orange County Sandcar stepped it up and was one of the few builders that are leading the industry towards one of the newest trends of a dual sport vehicle.  OCSC’s Dual Sport Manx is street legal and can be driven all year in the desert, the dunes and the street.  The team at Orange County Sandcar were definitely impressed with the interest from all the visitors and it proved to be another fantastic Sand Show!

9-2007 Sand Sports Super Show

As usual, the 2007 Sand Sport Super Show had a lot of vendors selling all kinds of t-shirts, riding gear and just about any type of part or accessory that a duner could need.  However, Orange County Sandcar was a booth that was definitely remembered by all and stood out displaying their eye catching Street Legal Dual Sport Manx and Long Travel Rolling Chassis.  This year, there just wasn’t enough space to bring all their models for display.   Even Sand Addiction Magazine caught a picture of their booth with their cars on display in their December 2007 issue.  The electric blue Dual Sport Manx was a favorite with it’s unforgettable paint job, chrome accessories and a-arm suspension.  Orange County Sandcar definitely provided eye candy at their booth this year for all off-road enthusiasts.

9-2008 Sand Sports Super Show

Dune season usually kicks off with the Sand Sports Super Show each year and this was the 10th year that the Sand Sports Super Show was announcing that dune season was here.  Orange County Sandcar, a return exhibitor, having a larger booth then last year, 15 x 50, was of 350 exhibitors at the 2009 Sand Sports Super Show.  Orange County Sandcar is known within the industry to have an eye for design and a car to be rememembered.  At the September 2008 SSSS Show, there were tens of thousands of visitors over the three day period and they visited the OCSC booth asking asked about the flashy blue Mid-Travel Dual Sport Manx with the memorable paint job shown on their website, Changing up their display of models, Orange County Sandcar had brought different models to the SSSS show this year.  They showcased a recently built Mid-Travel Dual Sport Manx model and introduced their new Beach Buggy model.  The difference about this blue Mid-Travel Dual Sport Manx is that it was made with a single piece frame that added more leg room for the travelers as well as the driver.  This new Dual Sport Manx on display was sold shortly after the SSSS Show. 

9-2009 Sand Sports Super Show

The 2009 Sand Sports Super Show is being held the weekend of September 18, 2009 to September 20, 2009 in Costa Mesa, CA at the Orange County Fairgrounds.  You will see Orange County Sandcar in the main building introducing their newest Long Travel Manx.  Orange County Sandcar is one of the few sand car builders with a new model to introduce at this year's 2009 Sand Sports Super Show.  This year, OCSC, has grown to a 10 x 70 booth in the main building and will be bringing with them a step up from the mid-size manx to a long travel fiberglass body that can utilize a Mendola and V6 / V8 options.  The width expands by 4 inches on the interior to allow full size seats and bench.  The travel increases from 18” of travel to a minimum of 20" of travel in both the front and rear. This new body is much larger inside and has a 7 inch lift integrated in the body, up from 5" in the Mid-Travel.  You can already review their editorial review in the Sand Sports Super Show Program.  

Don’t miss Orange County Sandcar’s showcase of their 2nd new model this year with the 2009 Long Travel Manx. This will be the 4th model available from Orange County Sandcar. Their model’s  range from the Beach Buggy starting at $19K, to the Dual Sport Manx starting at $32K, the new Long Travel Manx starting at $35K and the Pro Sand Long Travel Sand Car starting at $50K.  Everything seems to be dialed-in and they continue to listen to their customers to ensure they are building models with improved features and functionality at a very reasonable price point.  The New Long Travel Manx will also be Street legal and have seating for 5. The Long Travel Manx body will be released at the SSSS 2009 show. Make sure you drop by to see them in Building 10.

10-2008 Sand Car Shoot-Out

Orange County Sandcar was invited to participate in Sand Addiction Magazine’s 2008 Sandcar Shoot-Out.  This event was not designed to tell the consumer which car was superior, but rather to identify the areas which each car stood out the most and excelled.  The Shoot-Out was done during the high heat of summer in June 2008 at an undisclosed location in Southern California. 

Out of 50 fabrication companies invited, Orange County Sandcar was one of thirteen selected to participate.   Orange County Sandcar made a great impression on the drivers.  The drivers this year were Rob MacCachren (professional trophy truck racer), Ricky Johnson (racing legend and professional driver) and Pat Wirt (long time duner enthusiast).  The Street-Legal Dual Sport Manx hit the spot for the overall fun of driving a car.  It was the only car presented to the shoot-out that was a dual sport that could be utilized for the sand and desert as well as on the street.   Orange County Sandcar was the one and only car at 2008 Sandcar Shoot-Out that can truly say it can be driven all year round and was proven to be the most economical car offered at the shoot-out. 

In terms of performance, the drivers understood that the Orange County Sandcar Dual Sport Manx was a crossover.  The drivers were impressed that the OCSC sandcar was both street-legal and fuel efficient.  Ricky Johnson commented that this Orange County Sandcar Dual Sport Manx reminded him of the manx he had when he was a kid.  Pat Wirt mentioned it was a great combo package for street-legal and sand car. The OCSC Dual Sport Manx performed like a champ in the 100+ degree weather.  A few of the cars at the shoot-out weren’t as lucky with over-heating problems and high temperatures problems due to the extreme weather.  

All three drivers were impressed with the handling and smooth acceleration of the Orange County Sandcar’s Dual Sport Manx during the test drives even though it was the only non-V-8 sandcar at the shootout.  Every aspect of the fabrication received top marks from the drivers in addition to the overall package.  All the drivers agreed that OCSC’s Dual Sport Manx was a great deal for the price.  Sand Addiction Magazine agreed that it was the ideal toy that you can take from the street, to dirt, to sand with no problem.

Extreme Motorsports Expo

5-2007 - Extreme Motorsports Expo

Orange County Sandcar teamed up with FRP to attend the 2007 Extreme Motorsports Expo in Costa Mesa, CA. The three day event drew large amounts of exhibitors and spectators. Spectators visiting the Orange County Sandcar booth were able to view our most popular Dual Sport Manx. Some attendees were even lucky enough to leave with a few new Orange County Sandcar t-shirts.

5-2008 - Extreme Motorsports Expo 2008

Orange County Sandcar participated as an exhibitor at the 6th annual Extreme Motorsports Expo that occurred on May 18 - 20, 2008 in Costa Mesa, CA.   The Extreme Motorsports Expo roars in to the Orange County fairgrounds for three days of off-roading events and exhibits.

5-2009 - Extreme Motorsports Expo 2009

This year’s Off-Road Expo was a huge event for Orange County Sandcar in Costa Mesa, CA.  This best of sand event invited Orange County Sandcar back to be one of the exhibitors that fills 135,000 sq. ft. of show.  At this year’s show, Orange County Sandcar released their new cutting-edge model, the Pro Sand Long Travel Sandcar built by the crew in Rancho Santa Margarita, CA.  The overall wheelbase is 127”, length is 184” and width is 94”.  However, the real beauty lies within. This model has an LS1 450 HP, and Mendola 2D transmission.  It’s pretty slick and a must see.  Don’t miss Orange County Sandcar’s showcase of their 2nd new model this year with the 2009 Long Travel Manx at the September 2009 Sand Sports Super Show in Costa Mesa, CA. 

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